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Motocross safety: Eye-Track in Rivarolo

MX Rivarolo and EYE-TRACK - MX Rivarolo internatonal park

MX Rivarolo and EYE-TRACK, a love born at first sight for safety in motocross.
The track managers have always put pilots safety first by, for example, the installation of nets and barriers. The perfect and daily maintenance of the track also allows an excellent level of grip. But it is not enough. With the year 2020, MX Rivarolo has decided to invest in a completely Made in Italy technology capable of preventing many dangers, damages and risks.
The new safety system is called EYE-TRACK and is an apparatus that controls the motocross track as a commissioner would do, signaling any dangerous situations to the riders in real time. In total there are 12 stations along the track, positioned in the points with the least visibility, therefore more dangerous.


How does LAP TIMING works?

Lap Timing, is a timing system that uses the EYE-TRACK systems to provide drivers with information regarding lap times.
Here's how to access the service:
- before entering the track it will be necessary to ask the manager for the coded coupon to record the laps
- apply the coupon on the front table of the motorcycle
- download the dedicated application on your iPhone or on your Android smartphone
- register the code via QRCode or enter it manually
- you will be entered into the daily session and you can start recording your laps
- every time you pass under the photocell on the first jump your lap will be recorded
- at the end of training you will be able to access the lap times and videos available, thanks to this you will be able to improve both training and technique.


The FMI regulation also provides for the presence of a commissioner or an electronic security system in training.
The Made in Italy ingenuity and quality electronics are as precise as a human operator, ensuring the safety of the pilots in all circumstances (hot, cold, light, shadow, ...), without the risk of distractions. The signaling of EYE-TRACK is clear and accessible is for everyone: for arriving drivers, for those who are on the track and for those in charge of the track who also have a safety monitor.

Motocross Safety: Eye-Track in Rivarolo