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Our Tack - MX Rivarolo internatonal park

A perfect mix of sand and earth that is distributed throughout the 1600 meters that characterizes the MXRivarolo park.

17 Jumps of varying technical difficulty, multi-trajectories, 13 curves each different from the other. A perfect mix of speed, technique and difficulty.

Our mission, fun and training in safety.

Our goals achieved are the growth of the circuit.

We work every day to make the circuit more and more safe.

pista motocross sabbia

MX Rivarolo

MX Rivarolo


Our History - Dedication, passion for sport.


Not just Motocross. Through the services we try to satisfy every request that the pilot may have when he is with us. From motorcycle washing, to simple motorhome parking, equipped bathrooms, hot water showers, the possibility of electric and water connection, a restaurant and refreshment service, a parking area covered by imposing and fresh plants.

International Track

Our track is extended for 1600 meters; A track width ranging from 8 meters to 12 meters. A soft but consistent mixed sand soil gives the track an irresistible driving feeling in every season. The start gate consists of 40 gates.

Mini Track

Track dedicated to children who start for the first time and for those who want to have fun in total safety, but not only, even for those who practice Pit-bike, vespacross. It extends for a length of 950 meters and the width varies from 6 meters to 8 meters. The terrain is slightly more compact than the Senior, used to facilitate the small wheels of small-displacement motorcycles.


MX Rivarolo and EYE-TRACK, a love born at first sight for safety in motocross. The track managers have always put pilots safety first by, for example, the installation of nets and barriers. The perfect and daily maintenance of the track also allows an excellent level of grip. But it is not enough. With the year 2020, MX Rivarolo has decided to invest in a completely Made in Italy technology capable of preventing many dangers, damages and risks.

Special guest

Antonio Cairoli
Alessandro Lupino
Antonio Cairoli
Alessandro Lupino
Antonio Cairoli
Kei Yamamoto
brian hsu
Luca Fontanesi
Evgeny Bobryshev
Ivo Monticelli vs Andrea dovizioso
MXGP Yamaha Official
ken de dycker
ken de dycker Jtech
Andrea Dovizioso
Fabian Strobel
benoit paturel
Andrea Dovizioso gara di Beneficenza
Danny Gambarotti
Maverick vinales e Kiara Fontenesi
Andrea Dovizioso
Paolo Lugana
Leobruono di Biase
Kiara Fontanesi


Sure! The track can be rented. Perfect for social motorcycle races, training courses for adults or adults, or even just for a group of riders who want to have fun. The rental is valid both the Mini and the Grande. Do not hesitate to contact us, we will provide you with prices and days when the track can be rented.
We are open 365 days a year, except in adverse weather conditions.
Our parking lots are open 7 days a week 24H24, served by electricity, we give the opportunity to camp in the quiet and serenity that our campaigns can give.


Solidarity and charity

Every year MXRivarolo engages in organizing and conducting tenders aimed at collecting sums of money that will be donated to charity. Proud to be a flag bearer together with Andrea Dovizioso, the event's special-guest organizer. Now it can be called a tradition.