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Motocross 4 love 2021

Not the usual race.

A day as champions, together with the Motogp and Motocross World Champions.

English subtitles Year 2021

Motocross for love is a charity race that takes place every year at the MXRivarolo park, organized in collaboration with Andrea Dovizioso, the aim is to donate all the proceeds to a benevolent association, this year for example the NoiperLoro association has received over 17,000 euros. NoiperLoro is a Department of Pediatric Oncology of Parma, of young patients and their families.The event does not concern only the competitions fought until the last corner, it goes well beyond, in fact there are auctions with the objects of the samples, in this edition we have I was able to see andrea dovizioso's tracksuit go into the hands of the public, in addition to his boots, the shirts of Serie A players, basketball etc.

International Track

Video 360

A 360 ° lap circuit

A 360 ° lap circuit Year 2019

Experience the experience of flying over the International Rivarolo MX track with the magic of a 360° viewer.

Mini Truck

Video 360

A 360 ° lap circuit

A 360 ° lap circuit Year 2019

Experience the experience of flying over the International MXRivarolo slope with the magic of a 360 ° viewer.

International Track

All for bryan Toccaceli

Rider Andrea Dovizioso

Supporting treatment for Bryan Toccaceli Year 2018

Promotional bill to announce a solidarity contest held on 3 December 2018. All proceeds were donated to support the world-class pilot Bryan Toccaceli.

International Track

At the end of the day

At the end of the day We tell what we do every night.

At the end of the day Year 2016

It is not easy to manage a motocross track, it takes commitment and sacrifice. When the pilot at the end of the day has rest as the only thought, for the staff of the MXRivarolo it is time to take care of the track to ensure the driver that a track will be worked and maintained to the maximum of expectations.

International Track

Slow motion

One lap in the track

Slow Lap Year 2016

A tour of the track in search of details. We always try to go faster, escape time, but if we have to slow down for a moment we would realize the details that characterize our track, looking for the perfect trajectory.

International Track

Training with Jtech

Training for the world championship

Jtech Year 2016

The Jtech team, militant in the MXGP mx2 world championship, used to find themselves in our circuit for training and test sessions.

International Track

A Day With Dove

Andrea Dovizioso

Dovi04 Year 2016

Andrea Dovizioso, one of the best MotoGP riders, who has become part of the MXRivarolo family, in this video we tell you how strong he is even with the motocross bike.

Antonio Cairoli
Alessandro Lupino
Antonio Cairoli
Alessandro Lupino
Antonio Cairoli
Kei Yamamoto
brian hsu
Luca Fontanesi
Evgeny Bobryshev
Ivo Monticelli vs Andrea dovizioso
MXGP Yamaha Official
ken de dycker
ken de dycker Jtech
Andrea Dovizioso
Fabian Strobel
benoit paturel
Andrea Dovizioso gara di Beneficenza
Danny Gambarotti
Maverick vinales e Kiara Fontenesi
Andrea Dovizioso
Paolo Lugana
Leobruono di Biase
Kiara Fontanesi